Professions Where Hearing Impairment Frequently Occurs

The NID (National Institute of Deafness) has done research to demonstrate 36 million people in this country have a form of hearing loss. Within this group, a very large proportion is frequently exposed to high frequency or loud noises. Many people who work in loud environments do not seek help for their hearing until after the damage has been done.

Once a problem has occurred, hearing aids are generally the only option to improve the situation. This is highly unfortunate, as their hearing problems could easily have been avoided.

Some jobs in particular pose higher risks for people in terms of developing hearing loss. Hence, people in the following professions must focus on protecting their ears.

The first is dentistry. Many people are surprised by this one, but the reality is that a lot of noise is created in dentistry. As soon as noises exceed 85 decibels, which various pieces of dental equipment do, individuals are classed as at risk. It is for this reason that people within dentistry should wear protective hearing devices when using the drill in particular.

Construction is another profession. They are most at risk because their exposure is almost continuous. In many cases, workers want to be able to communicate together so they choose not to wear ear plugs. They can, and should, in fact wear protective devices that continue to allow them to communicate as well.

Aviation is another profession where workers are at risk. These sounds are in high frequency and intensity. Various parts in the aviation industry cause loud noises, including actuators, propellers and rotors. A significant issue also exists within the military.

Indeed, a huge proportion of veterans suffers from some form of hearing problem. This is why current research is being done into whether military personnel could do their job properly while wearing protective hearing devices. The biggest dangers are caused by explosive noises.

However, there is a risk that soldiers cannot be aware of their surroundings if they wear protective hearing devices.

Those who shoot and hunt as a hobby are also at a particular risk of hearing loss. Those who do take part in these kinds of sports should be committed to protecting their hearing as much as possible. The professions listed above are those where hearing loss is most common.

However, do remember that many other jobs could be added to this list, so long as loud noises are present there that could potentially cause a risk to those who are in that environment.


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