Preventative Care: All The Things You Should Know Regarding Earwax

Though not the most appealing of conversational topics, there are actually a number of interesting facts about earwax that you have never heard (the pun stops here) of before. First things first; what exactly is earwax made of? Earwax or cerumen, if you want to be scientific about the name, is actually formed out of a combination of dead skin cells, sebum and secretions from the glands located in the outer ear canal. And there are two types of ear wax. There is wet and dry ear wax; the type you end up with would depend on genetic factors. While it does not share the same level of appeal as the skin or the eyes, ear wax is actually a very important tool our body uses as protection. Ear wax works pretty much like eyelashes; it protects and shields the inner components of the ear from impurities: dust, bacteria and organisms that can infect our body through the ear.

Ear wax also works like tears since it lubricates the ears in the same way tears do with our eyes. Without ear wax, our ears are always going to feel itchy and dry. Also, ear wax actually make our ears self-cleaning. This happens every time we move our jaws or chew; the ear wax churns slowly from the inner ear up to the opening where it would dry up or fall off. And since our ears are capable of cleaning themselves, we should never stick anything in them to “clean” and this would include those soft looking cotton swabs. You do no more than risk pushing the ear wax further into the ear, causing blockage and serious problems. It is also advisable that you seek the advice of your doctor before you use any cleaning solutions or medications to remove ear wax blockage.

But if you prefer to clean your ears yourself, you need to look into a few things first. To begin with, you need to soften the ear wax by putting a drop of baby oil at least twice a day so the ear wax would be soft enough to be washed away. If these home treatments do not work, it is best that you consult with your doctor immediately who can either remove the ear wax blockage himself or prescribe some other medication. And to further prevent other problems, you can choose to set ear cleaning appointments with your doctor. Study information you have gathered carefully before you decide to come in for appointments.


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