Chemotherapy and Hearing Loss: How Radiation Treatment Can Have An Effect On Your Hearing

chemotherapy and hearing loss

Chemotherapy affects different people differently, but it is never nice. One of the reasons for this different effect is that there are over 100 different drugs used. Each of those drugs can cause side effects. You should have discussions with your cancer care team to discuss the side effects before the treatment starts. They know … Read more

Hearing Difficulties And Environmental Regions – Is There A Relationship?

hearing loss

Some fundamental information on types of hearing loss are discussed first. Hearing loss relates to minor or excessive reduction on the level of hearing in a person. Hearing loss at varying degres of severity affects most of the population although it is more prevalent among the aged. And if you are suffering from hearing loss, … Read more

Digital Hearing Aids Reviews

digital hearing aids

Digital Hearing aids can truly be a life changer for those with hearing impairment. While these assistive listening devices don’t cure deafness and don’t completely return hearing problems back to normal, they do offer a significant degree of hearing improvement for most users. The extent of the improvement is dependent on each individuals level of … Read more

Best Amplifier Reviews and Buying Guide

How to Choose the Best Car Amplifier

Amplify your car’s sound systems with the latest home audio amplifier and car audio amplifiers in the market with the help of our unbiased reviews of amplifiers from major manufacturing brands. Read our comprehensive buying guide for an in-depth idea about the product. Find exclusive deals and offers from major online amplifier retailers as well. … Read more